AliExpress is an enormous online dropshipping friendly marketplace. They have a massive selection of different products and categories. Their prices are low since they are manufactured and sent from China. That’s why many dropshippers choose to work with AliExpress. Some of them don’t know about dropshipping chrome extensions.

One of the secrets to dropshipping successfully from AliExpress is by using chrome extensions. They are helpful little tools that help you save a significant amount of time and money. They can also help with your product research. 

In this article, you will learn about 8 must-have chrome extensions to help you with your dropshipping business.

1. AliSave

Saving images on AliExpress can be a hassle since right-clicking isn’t an option.

With AliSave, you can easily download images and videos in one click. 

To install it, just click “Add to Chrome” on the right.

Once installed, enter any product listing on AliExpress, and you should see this icon marked below next to images or videos:

Anytime you are near images or videos, click on that icon next to it, and AliSave will download the files onto your computer. That’s all there is to it!

2. AliExpress Search By Image

One of the most useful tools for finding products on AliExpress when all you have is a picture. No matter which website you are on. After you’ve installed this dropshipping chrome extension, all you have to do is right-click on any image you see on the web. Then, click on “Search AliExpress By Image”.

For this example, these earbuds were taken from Amazon:


You’ll then redirect to Aliseeks where the results from your search will be displayed:


Click on any one of them to be redirected to the seller on AliExpress. You will be surprised how many sellers you will find selling a similar (cheaper) product than what you found on Google Images, Amazon, Shopify, or any other supplier or platform you’ve searched.

3. Up Assistant

Up Assistant is a powerful tool that helps you filter out the best sellers when product researching. Once installing the extension, upon searching for a product on AliExpress, you will notice a percentage on the top right corner of each thumbnail. For example:

The percentage symbolizes an overall rating given by the extension based on reviews and ratings of goods, price dynamics, and other metrics.
Click on any product to see the detailed description just under the “Buy Now / Add to Cart” links:


You can see the overall seller rating, which includes how much time he’s been selling on AliExpress, customer reviews, and price history. Use this tool for a much quicker product/supplier research process

4. Alitools Shopping Assistant

Alitools is a fantastic extension used for price history (6 months back), finding similar products, searching for items by picture, seeing seller ratings, and more.
After installing the extension, enter any product listing on AliExpress and scroll below the “Buy Now / Add to Cart” buttons.
You should see Alitool’s recommendation for that specific seller:

Plus, on the bottom left of your screen – just above the taskbar – you should see another menu showing more research options for this product:

Clicking on “Price” will show the price history. “Seller” shows the recommendations for this seller, as shown in one screenshot above. “Reviews” shows customer reviews and “similar” shows similar products sold by other sellers.

5. AliExpress Shopping and Cashback

Receiving cashback is crucial for raising your profits and should not be overlooked. Using this extension, activating cashback and receiving your rewards couldn’t be more simple.
After installing the extension, click on it while browsing AliExpress.  Then, click on “Login to Get Rebate.” Go through the free sign up process.

Once signed up, click on any product listing on AliExpress. Under the price, you will see the link to activate cashback:

Activate it, buy the product, and enjoy your extra profit! Plus, you can also get alerts when prices drop through this extension. This way, you won’t have to refresh the page every few days to wait for prices to drop, and your timing will be on point.

6. AliExpress Coupon Finder

Another must-have tool that helps you make more profit. The title is self-explanatory – this extension finds and activates coupons for products before you purchase them. Coupon finders differ from cashback, as cashback returns a % of your purchase price after purchasing. On the other hand, the use of coupons before buying the product lowers its cost.

After installing and activating the extension, click on the extension again to switch to “dropshipper mode.” This way, you’ll be able to compare discounts for purchasing amounts and not just one unit.

Now, click on any product listing on AliExpress. Once you choose a variation and where to ship from, you will see the coupons available for that specific product:

Click on “Get X$” to redeem the coupon which allows you to profit the most.

7. Easy AliExpress Video Finder


Easy AliExpress Video Finder is a handy tool for quickly sorting out products with videos while product searching. Embedding Videos in listings are relevant for those dropshipping to Shopify. It helps customers see and understand the product’s features and is more natural than reading text. 

You can use this tool to learn more about the product that you are uploading. This way, you can create a better product description than the Chinese agent who uploaded it to AliExpress.

Here’s how it looks when searching for a product or niche on AliExpress. Notice the red or green bar above each thumbnail. Green means there is a video available inside the listing, while red means there is no video available:

8. AutoDS Helper

The AutoDS helper will help you with fast address copying for quickly fulfilling your orders on AliExpress. It also features an item grabber to upload all of the items on one page and export them to a bulk CSV file for quick bulk upload

After installing the extension, open a search result on AliExpress for the niche/category you wish to upload. On the bottom right-hand corner, you should see the AutoDS circle. Click on it, then click on “extract.” All of the item IDs should show up like the following:


Click on “Export as CSV.’ The CSV file will download onto your computer. On AutoDS, click on “Uploader” and choose “Bulk Upload.” Then, click on “Upload Bulk from CSV.” Choose the CSV file that you’ve downloaded, and AutoDS will upload all of these products, saving you the time to upload them one by one manually.


In Conclusion

Using AliExpress Dropshipping Chrome extensions are a must if you’re looking to save time and money. We recommend using all of them to focus on maximizing your profits while saving an enormous amount of time on product and supplier research.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the beginning, advanced or expert level of dropshipping. Tools that help automate your business and save you time are a necessity on the path to success. After all, they are free to use.