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As you may already know, we made a partnership between AutoDS and Banggood. Therefore Banggood always updates us about anything related to their platform or how our users use their services.

In today’s article, we will share with you an important email which we got from Banggood Dropship Center.

What does the email include?

1.Dropshipping from Banggood without registering to Banggood dropship center:

Well, to make it short, you CAN NOT drop ship from Banggood without registering to Banggood dropship Center. It’s against Banggood terms and conditions.

Not only because it is against Banggood dropship Center or Banggood ‘s TOS. But it’s also very important for you to register to the Dropship Center in order to benefit from our partnership with Banggood. This way you can get immediately the VIP level. Awesome right?

What does the VIP Level mean?

it means that you will get a 7% discount for all of the Banggood products, instead of the regular 5% which every other user gets.

This is why it’s very important to register for Banggood dropship Center because you will get a huge discount of 7%. From the other side, you can not do dropshipping from Banggood without registering to Banggood dropship center. again, it’s against their terms of condition.

2.Using Banggood’s Trademark name:

The other part of the email stated that you can not use Banggood’s trademark name when you do dropshipping from Banggood to eBay.

Wait, but we are dropshipping from Banggood! what do you mean by that?

When you send the products you should never say that you are dropshipping from Banggood, for example, if your store’s name is “quicker forever”, you should not mention in the product’s page that the product will come from Banggood.


So here are the two things, first, you can not use the Banggood trademark name. The second thing is that you should register to the Dropship Center to be able to use the product’s information from Banggood.

Without it it’s illegal and Banggood can actually complain to eBay about this and you will get a VERO warning which is very bad for your account.

Now, the big question is how to register to Banggood’s dropship center?

We already published a full article just for that purpose. How to register to the Banggood’s dropship center and get immediately the VIP level? (Tutorial).

As soon as you register your account and you get accepted (all our users get accepted), you will get a 7% discount for every product on Banggood which is amazing!

Actually, all you have to do is, while you are in the Banggood dropship center registration page write down “AutoDS” in the note section, and then you will get it automatically.


If you are already an AutoDS user and you already registered to the Banggood dropship Center without the “AutoDS” Tag, just contact them in the chat and tell them that you registered to their Dropship program before you knew about AutoDS and Banggood partnership, you will get upgraded to the VIP Level which means you can benefit from a 7% discount.

That’s it for now, we hope that you understood what’s going on with Banggood and why you MUST register to the Banggood’s dropship center if you wanna continue using Banggood as a supplier for your eCommerce business. If you have any questions about Banggood or dropshipping from Banggood dropship center just drop it in the comments section below and we will be more than happy to create more contents about it.

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