How to register to the Banggood’s dropship center and get immediately the VIP level? (Tutorial)

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In this article, I will show you how to register to the Banggood’s dropship center and how to get immediately the VIP level in order to get much higher discounts instead of the standard discounts of Banggood’s dropship Center.

As we discussed, there are some reasons why Banggood is a great dropshipping supplier.
In the last few weeks, we did a partnership with Banggood so now we can offer our users’ much better discounts on the Banggood Dropship Center, in this article I will show you how to get these discounts.


So, first of all, let’s create an account in Banggood, just go to and click join, then just put here your email, Password and confirm password and tape the captcha code, then click Create Your Account.


You will get a verification email all you need to do is to click on verify your email address then you will get redirected to Banggood.


Now you can register from the regular Banggood dropship center page but if you are an AutoDS user and you wanna get much higher discounts, we have a special link for you (Registration Link) so I will go to the link and I will fill here my details, Full Name, Telephone Number, Shop URL ( just put your real store name or just put any eBay store URL), under the note you must put and right here AutoDS because Banggood goes and verify that the user who registered to Banggood Dropship Center is really our AutoDS user and in this way they can give you better discounts.


So under the note right “AutoDS” and click Submit, now after you click Submit you will be redirected to this page, now you just need to wait around 24 hours and then Banggood will verify the registration with us that you are really our user and then they will give you the better discount.


Now let’s take a look at which dropship level you will get automatically after the verification process is finished, just go to the dropship Center from the money, you will have levels like this, Pre-VIP Level is the regular level which you typically get when you register to Banggood Dropship Center.


if you write AutoDs and using our partnership link you will get immediately the VIP level, so you will get an additional 2% discount for every single sale which is amazing because it just adds up immediately to your profits.

I hope that you liked this article, this partnership it’s only the start as we will have much more interesting things with Banggood and much more interesting articles about this amazing platform, don’t forget to subscribe to AutoDS YouTube Channel and write a comment if you’re already using Banggood or not and what do you think about Banggoods dropship Center, see you in the next articles bye-bye.

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