Costway Dropshipping: The Benefits Of The Extended Partnership

Around one month ago, we released a fascinating article about the partnership between AutoDS and Costway. With this partnership, you can get up to a 3% discount for all the purchases from Costway.

In this article, we want to show you how we extended this partnership to help you even more so you can make profits, not only if you’re selling in the United States but also for other marketplaces.

We always try to get the best deals for our clients, and after a lot of talks with Costway, we managed to do this.

Now the partnership also includes the UK, France, and Germany. So you can also get a 3% discount for all of the products from Costway.

Costway Dropshipping: Full Overview & How to Work With This Supplier

How to Get the 3% Discount from Costway?

We already wrote a full overview of Costway as a dropshipping supplier, and we explained how to get this competitive edge over your competitors.

When you use AutoDS and Costway Partnership link, you will get the 3% discount for all of the orders from the UK, Germany, France, and, of course, the US.

So after you finished the registration on Costway, you can go to any of the other Costway marketplaces, the UK, Germany, and France.

Just go, and you can do dropshipping from these marketplaces directly to eBay.

It’s a massive advantage because they have fast shipping inside France, Germany, the UK, and the US. And, for now, we can get a 3% discount for all of these marketplaces. 

We are happy about this partnership. If you need any more collaborations with other suppliers, just let us know.

AutoDS and Costway partnership will also help you to get the drop shipping agreement much faster.

Costway Dropshipping: Get Extra 3% OFF! The Official Partnership With AutoDS is HERE!