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Walmart To eBay Dropshipping

You can rest, while we will automate your entire Walmart to eBay dropshipping business. AutoDS does everything! Product findings, products listing, price & stock monitoring, price optimizations, customer support, and more.

The Benefits of Dropshipping From Walmart to eBay

  1. FREE “NextDay delivery”Walmart offers thousands of products with the “Next Day” delivery shipping option, which allows you to be much more competitive and attractive on eBay’s search algorithm.
  2. A HUGE amount of productsAccording to 2018, Walmart holds 46.1 million products across 921 stores that offer same-day delivery.
  3. Products from the best dropshipping categories – Most of Walmart’s products belong to the best selling dropshipping niches. Over 5.2 million products from the “Home & Garden category, and over 9.2 million products from “Beauty & Personal Care” category.
    Another benefit, is that Walmart has great customer service and a lot of expensive products with huge profits potential.
  4. Price Matching PolicyIf you bought a product, and then the price of the product decreased within the returns period, you can ask from Walmart’s customer support to match the price for you, according to the new price, and get the difference back.

Walmart to eBay dropshipping step by step explanation

Find the best dropshipping products

Find the best dropshipping products using the AutoDS Finder – the AutoDS Finder also supports products’ finding among Walmart’s best selling products.

Grab full products and niche pages – Search for the best dropshipping categories in Walmart and use the “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension to grab full pages and upload all these products to your stores.

Upload the products to your eBay store

Use any of the AutoDS product listers to upload the items to your eBay store.

You can choose between regular lister, bulk lister, scheduled uploads and the recurring uploads from the AutoDS Finder – which will save you time as it will upload products for you daily.

* All of the listers support variations products upload

Price and stock monitoring

AutoDS will monitor hourly, all of the products that you uploaded from Walmart and will check if the price/stock has changed.

If any of them changes, AutoDS will adapt accordingly it to your eBay listing.

AutoDS will also calculate the shipping price, if there is any, and add it to your final price.

Fulfill your orders

Use the “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension to fulfill your orders and copy the customers’ addresses from AutoDS to Walmart.

Manage your eBay customer support

Forget about jumping between multiple systems to manage your customer support, cases, and returns.
In AutoDS you can manage all these from one simple system.

Enjoy the freedom

Let AutoDS automate your eBay dropshipping business, while you do the things that you love, or invest time on the things that will take your business forward.

Walmart to eBay integration Key Features

“Sold by Walmart” filter

You can choose between working only with “Sold by Walmart” products, or with any supplier on Walmart. This way you get the great customer support and fast shipping time of Walmart of the “Sold by Walmart” products.

Automatic shipping price calculation

For products that don’t have the free shipping option, AutoDS will calculate the shipping and add it to the final selling price automatically.

Price optimization features

AutoDS will round your prices to .99, increase them if your products sell well, and decrease them if the products stop selling.

Price & Stock monitoring

Don’t worry about prices or stock changes on your supplier’s site. If the product goes out of stock on your supplier site, AutoDS will set it as out of stock on your store as well. 

Likewise, if the price of your product changes on your supplier’s website – AutoDS will adapt the price on your store according to your profit margin.

Variations support

AutoDS supports variations uploads from Walmart, it means that if the product has some different variations you can grab all of them and upload them to your eBay store.

Advanced Chrome extension

The “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension allows you to grab full pages of hot products, niches, and specific sellers products.

Use it to find new products to sell well, and quickly.

The extension will also help you fulfill your orders much faster and easier using the address copier feature. It allows you to copy your customers’ addresses from AutoDS to Walmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our customer support works 24/7, and we are always there to help you.

Yes, the migration process is easy and takes only a few minutes. Our support team will do it with you, and help you with the process.

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all of the features that AutoDS offers.

Yes, our professional dropshipping mentors can help you for free, contact our support, and we will help you with it.

The price and stock monitoring runs every 60 minutes.

Yes, you can choose between allowing any type of product, or only Sold by Walmart products.

Yes, if the product has a shipping price, we will add it to the final price.

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