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An all-in-one dropshipping app, AutoDS helps beginners and experts save hours by automating their Shopify stores through innovative features.


100% Automated Orders

Amazon US, UK, DE, and FR + AliExpress for US, UK, DE, FR, and IT).

Address Copier (copy your customer’s details to your supplier’s pages)

Supported Suppliers

Choose from the biggest marketplaces or more specialist suppliers. Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, Walmart, Banggood, Wayfair and 20+ others 10 dropshipping product categories from a few different suppliers

Unlimited Orders Each Month

Automatic Tracking Number Updates

100% server-side automated orders & Fulfilled by AutoDS service

Load your balance and we'll process orders for you using our Amazon accounts

Multiple Store Management (dashboard, monitoring, imports, orders)

Bulk Editing Products

Smart Filter System with over 15 Filters

Price Comparison Feature

Smart Pricing System

Bulk Product Imports

One-Click Product Imports

Price & Stock Monitoring

Complete product editing and optimizing of all fields

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6 reasons why AutoDS

Simply put, AutoDS is the world's #1 dropshipping automation platform for Shopify. Here are six reasons why our family of dropshippers love managing their successful Shopify stores with the time-saving help of AutoDS.

Automated Orders System

Automated Orders – automatic tracking numbers updates. Forget about manual order processing. AutoDS’ AI will do that for you.

Dynamic Pricing

Import your products and enjoy automatic dynamic pricing, according to product price ranges.

Advanced Filters System

Stay updated on your products performance, and what is going on with your business at all times with our product’s filters system.

Advanced Bulk Changes System

Optimize your products using our advanced bulk changes system. You can edit almost any parameter using the bulk changes system – prices, stocks, templates, policies, and more…

Custom Variations Building

Build a product with variations from multiple products and/or suppliers.

20 High-Quality Features

There are another 20 high-quality features, which will help you to automate your dropshipping business and increase profits.

How to switch from Eprolo to AutoDS?

6 easy steps

Register To AutoDS

Select the right package for you and create your account.

Connect Your Shopify Store

Sync your Shopify store to AutoDS in just a few easy steps.

The AutoDS Helper

Download the AutoDS Helper Chrome extension to export your listings.

Export & Import Listings

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Export your listings from your current monitoring tool/app via CSV file using our AutoDS Helper. Once done, click “Add Products”, then “Upload CSV”, and “Next”.</span>

Set Your Preferences

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Go to the settings page on the bottom of the left menu to configure your account and store settings. </span>

Enjoy Your Freedom!

Having your store in the right hands is the key to success. Now with hours saved through AutoDS’ automation features, rest assured your business is taken care of while you’re free to focus your time elsewhere.


Paul J Lipsky

Active star

Paul J Lipsky (The owner of dropshipping titans, who has taught over 1K dropshipping students) — “The only tool that I trust to run my dropshipping business is AutoDS” I have taught over 1000 students how to do dropshipping, and the only tool that I trust to run my whole dropshipping business is AutoDS, and this is because it’s an all-in-one platform which saves my time and allows me to run everything in one place.


Active star

Gene Plugovoy (owner of the Dropshipping Mastermind program) — “AutoDS has saved me a lot of time on my dropshipping business” I’m Gene Plugovoy, I’m the owner of the Dropshipping Mastermind, and I wanted to do this testimony about AutoDS Tools. This is a great tool for you to use for your dropshipping business. It’s the only solution that saves you time; it has automation, such as Auto Ordering, Tracking Uploads, and much more great stuff. AutoDS has saved me a lot of time on my dropshipping business, and I suggest you go ahead and get this tool, and you are not going to regret it.


Active star

Zvika Szafran (UK mentor) — “AutoDS has allowed us to have free time to expand our business” I am Zvika, a US and UK dropshipper, and a mentor for dropshipping in the UK. The tool that I’m using to do all my work on my stores is AutoDS. For my students and me, it’s the best monitor we can have. AutoDS handles all our daily tasks in one place, AutoDS helps us with automatic orders, automatic messages to buyers, fully manage customer service including messages, cases, returns, orders cancellations, and many more actions that make our day-to-day tasks very easy. I recommend you to start using AutoDS as well. For my students and me, it has allowed us to have free time to expand our business, so you are very welcome to hop in and be part of the AutoDS family.

Nahar Geva

Active star

Nahar Geva (Zik Analytics CEO) — “Time is the biggest factor, and AutoDS is great for it” I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Zik Analytics. I’m using AutoDS in my dropshipping business. I have over 10 stores, and I manage my full automation, auto ordering, listing items, customer service, everything with AutoDS. It’s a great tool that saves a lot of time, has outstanding customer service, excellent functionalities. I recommend you to use AutoDS in your dropshipping business. Remember, in dropshipping, time is the biggest factor. With AutoDS, you can save time, and still keep on quality work. AutoDS is a great tool for you. It also has full integration with Zik Analytics, so you can list a lot of items from ZIK to AutoDS, directly to your dropshipping stores, using AutoDS. I fully recommend you using AutoDS. Don’t think twice, grab this opportunity with your two hands, and start your dropshipping business.


Active star

Zvika Kotkes (experienced dropshipper) — “With AutoDS, I can manage everything in one place. AutoDS is the best platform out there for dropshippers. That’s because of many reasons. The first thing is, AutoDS saves me a lot of time, and not only for me but also for my VAs. It’s because I can manage everything in one place. I can go through all my accounts, manage customer support, answer messages to buyers, take care of cases, returns, and find new items. As we all know, time is money, and if I can save time, I save money. Whoever is out there and did not join AutoDS by now, now is the time to do it.


Active star

Lidor Rozental (VIP Dropshipping CEO) — “If you want to take your business to the next level, you must use AutoDS” I have four dropshipping stores and also teaching more than 1K students how to do dropshipping, and I recommend using AutoDS. If you want to take your business to the next level, you must use AutoDS.


Active star

Javi Manresa Martínez (Newera Dropshipping Owner) — “The best way to do dropshipping” I would like to say that I used many dropshipping tools, and the best tool that I used is AutoDS. AutoDS is the best solution that you can use to automate your dropshipping business. AutoDS is simply the best dropshipping solution, and I am glad to use AutoDS.

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