AutoDS Dropshipping Mentor Program

With AutoDS Dropshipping mentor program your dropshipping business will skyrocket!
AutoDS Mentors program consists of several steps that lead you to success. You׳ll get one-on-one training with the most experienced mentors of AutoDS, a private Whatsapp group to ask questions and follow-up, lives with the best performing dropshippers on AutoDS and updates About everything you need to know.

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    What is the mentorship program?

    We, in AutoDS, do care for our customers’ success. That’s why we took a step forward and we created a program, that would help our users improve their sales and profits. So we created the mentorship program. In this program, some of the most experienced eBay drop shippers, share their extremely valuable knowledge, and their remarkable experience (which is really worth of thousands of dollars),totally for FREE (yes, for FREE!) to our customers, to help them boost their sales, increase their profits and reach a huge success.

    How can I get a mentor?

    It’s easy! Just click here, fill in the form, answer the questions, and if you are qualified, we will assign to you one of our most experienced mentors, and with your private sessions together, you will take your eBay account to another level.

    How does it work?

    It’s simple. After we assign you the mentor, you will enter his What’s App group with his other successful students, by following a link that will be provided personally to you. You will also be able to schedule your first meeting together, while he will pay close attention at your progress. Be sure that if you follow his advice, you will boost your sales, and your profits will reach a new highest level!

    Meet Our Dropshipping Mentors


    Clayton Lee Blackshear is a full-time professional dropshipper, with more than 7 stores and 100K products managed on AutoDS.

    Clayton is a mentor at AutoDS’ mentorship program, and he taught over 100 successful dropshippers the newest strategies of dropshipping for 2019. Clayton will be there to answer any of your questions about the mentorship group and the newest strategies.


    Zvika Szafran is one of the most successful eBay UK dropshippers, the owner of one of the most active eBay UK Whatsapp dropshipping groups, was a lecturer in the latest AutoDS’ conference, and a mentor at AutoDS.

    Zvika is working with the newest dropshipping strategies and will be there to answer any of your questions.


    Ron Rozenblum is a 16 years old dropshipper, who has been through an amazing way, from blocked stores, canceled orders, and stores with very poor performance, to 600% sales increase in one month after he joined the mentorship program with the mentor – Clayton.

    Currently, Ron is growing all his dropshipping business using the strategy which we will teach in the webinar, and he will be there to answer any of your questions.

    “This mentor program will provide all the necessary information, hints and tips,
    examples and techniques to help AutoDS users succeed, without spending even one
    more penny, and I’m proud to be a part of it.“

    Clayton Lee Blackshear

    Users of AutoDS in the program says

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