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Automatic Orders - Save Time & Money

Don’t waste one more minute on fulfilling orders and updating tracking numbers – let AutoDS automate these processes for you.

The benefits of orders fulfillment using the auto ordering system:

  1. Time-saving – it doesn’t matter if you are traveling, or spending your time with the family, AutoDS will fulfill the orders for you, even when your computer is off.
  2. Save money – It’s very common in dropshipping that, before you even had a chance to order the product, the price was raised, and you lost all of your profits from the product.
    AutoDS will fulfill your orders within a few minutes which will decrease the chance of this situation to happen. 
  3. All in one solution – With the auto ordering, we will also update the tracking number from your supplier to the buyer, and send 3 messages to your buyer, to give better customer experience and gain more feedbacks.

Auto ordering using AutoDS - step by step explanation:

Link your store to AutoDS

Follow the steps and link your store to AutoDS. 

If you have an existing AutoDS account, you can click the “Add eBay account” button to begin the process and connect a new eBay store. 

Configure your auto ordering accounts

Through the Orders Processor monitor, connect your Auto Ordering accounts through 3 easy steps: 

1)  Add your Auto Ordering account and the preferred method of payment of your orders (credit card payments is supported)

2) Connect your Gmail Account and

3) Enable Auto – Order

Wait for orders to appear

By the time you receive an order, it will appear in the orders page and the system will automatically process it. 

AutoDS’ auto ordering system will buy the purchased item from the supplier, add the buyer’s details and send it!

Tracking numbers updates

Once the supplier updates the tracking number, AutoDS will grab it and update it automatically to your eBay order!

Not only that, but it will also convert any AMZL tracking number to Bluecare Express


Receive your 5 star ratings!

Keep your customer updated through the whole process with 3 automatic messages that will be sent to him in every step.

1) When the order is received

2) When the tracking number is available

3) Order delivery confirmation and feedback direct link

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AutoDS Auto Ordering Key Features

Bluecare express

When using the auto ordering, all AMZL tracking numbers, will be automatically converted to Bluecare Express tracking numbers, for free.


WIth AutoDS HipShipper integration, your international orders will easily be processed through the auto ordering system, and will be sent to Hipshipper’s fulfilment center.

Coupons grabber

If the item contains a discount coupon, it will be automatically grabbed and applied during the auto ordering process, to increase your profit 

Multiple accounts support

You can add as many purchase accounts as you wish, without any additional cost. 

Supported Suppliers

Auto Orders are supported for the following suppliers:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR and AliExpress (US,UK,DE,FR and IT)

Accounts locking protection

If for any reason, your supplier’s purchase account is temporarily disabled, AutoDS will automatically lock it and disable auto ordering, to prevent any further restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure there is! When you register to AutoDS you will get 30 credits for $1.

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If you use the full automation version (meaning that you don’t have to click the button to start the ordering process) – it will take less than 5 minutes per order.

Absolutely! We have our mentorship program. Our specialized mentors can help you with your dropshipping business and the most efficient use of AutoDS for free!
You can contact our customer support and find out if you are eligible to get a free mentor. 

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