Wayfair To eBay Dropshipping

You can rest, while we automate your entire Wayfair to eBay dropshipping business. AutoDS does everything! Product sourcing, price & stock monitoring, price optimization, customer support, and more.

Wayfair To eBay Dropshipping Full Overview


Step by step

Key Features




Step by step


Key Features



The Benefits of Dropshipping From Wayfair To eBay

Free Shipping
Wayfair offers 2-day shipping without any extra fees or membership for products over $49 and $4.99 for cheaper products.

MYWAY Program
For only $29.99 per year, you can get free shipping for all of the products on the site, one-day shipping for multiple products and access to thousands of exclusive products.

Paypal Support
On Wayfair, you can pay with Paypal, which is much easier than using credit cards.

Huge Variety of Home Products
Wayfair has millions of unique and profitable dropshipping home products to choose from.

Wayfair to eBay Dropshipping - Step By Step Explanation


Grab the best dropshipping products

Find the best dropshipping products recommendations using “MYWAY” program and the ‘Sale’ section.  Using  the “MYWAY” program, you can get unique products that other dropshippers can not find because they do not have access to this program.
Also, you can go to the ‘Sale’ section and get discounts for multiple products.

Grab full products and niche pages – Use the “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension to grab full pages and upload all these products to your eBay stores.


Upload the products to your eBay store

Choose from which warehouse you want to upload your products from (Wayfair US or Wayfair UK) and use any of the AutoDS product listers to upload the items to your eBay store.

You can choose between regular lister, bulk lister and scheduled uploads
Supported eBay sites on all listers: eBay US, UK, DE, FR and IT.
* All of the listers support variations products upload


Price and stock monitoring

AutoDS will monitor hourly, all of the products that you uploaded from Wayfair and will check if the price/stock has changed.

If any of them changes, AutoDS will adapt accordingly it to your eBay listing.

The price and stock monitoring feature is available for Wayfair to eBay US and eBay UK.


Fulfill your orders

Use the “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension to fulfill your orders and copy the customers’ addresses from AutoDS to Wayfair.


Manage your eBay customer support

Forget about jumping between multiple systems to manage your customer support, cases, and returns.
In AutoDS you can manage all these from one simple system.


Enjoy the freedom

Let AutoDS automate your eBay dropshipping business, while you do the things that you love, or invest time on the things that will take your business forward.

Wayfair to eBay Integration Key Features

Multiple warehouses support

You can choose to upload your products between Wayfair US or Wayfair UK. You can get fast shipping times in both US and UK Wayfair marketplaces.

Automatic shipping price calculation

For products that don’t have the free shipping option, AutoDS will calculate the shipping and add it to the final selling price automatically.

Price optimization features

AutoDS will round your prices to .99, increase them if your products sell well, and decrease them if the products stop selling.

Price & Stock monitoring

Don’t worry about prices or stock changes on your supplier’s site. If the product goes out of stock on your supplier site, AutoDS will set it as out of stock on your store as well.

Likewise, if the price of your product changes on your supplier’s website – AutoDS will adapt the price on your store according to your profit margin.

Supported Marketplaces

AutoDS supports Wayfair to eBay dropshipping to the following eBay markets:

eBay US and eBay UK.

Advanced Chrome extension

The “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension allows you to grab full pages of hot products, niches, or even specific sellers products.

Use it to find new products that sell well and quickly.

The extension will also help you fulfill your orders much faster, and easier using the address copier feature. It allows you to copy your customers’ addresses from AutoDS to Wayfair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have customer support?

Yes, we do! Our customer support is available 24/7, and always willing to help you.

Can I migrate from another dropshipping tool?

Yes, the migration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Do you have any trial period?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all of the features that AutoDS offers.

Every how much time does the price & stock monitoring run?

Price and stock monitoring run every 60 minutes.

Can I choose to upload from Wayfair US / Wayfair UK warehouses?

Yes, you can choose between any of them.

How does the shipping calculation work?

We calculate the shipping cost based on the item’s shipping options. For items that do not have the free shipping option, the shipping cost will be added to the final selling price automatically.