AliExpress To eBay Dropshipping

You can rest, while we will automate your entire AliExpress to eBay dropshipping business – everything, from products finding, price & stock monitoring, price optimizations, automated orders, customer support and more..

Aliexpress To eBay Dropshipping Full Overview


Step by step

Key Features




Step by step


Key Features



The Benefits of Dropshipping From AliExpress To eBay

Low Competition
Most dropshippers launch their businesses using US/UK suppliers, which allows AliExpress dropshippers to have less competition and higher profit opportunities.
Keep in mind that AliExpress has over 100 million different products that you can list easily to your dropshipping store. This large amount of products decreases the competition per product even more.

Worldwide Shipping
When you work with China, you can ship your products, not only to the US or a specific country, but to the whole world! That provides you, as a dropshiper, the huge opportunity to make more sales since you can reach more potential buyers that can buy your products.

Low Prices
You can beat the competition effortlessly, and get higher promotion on eBay because you can become the cheapest for a specific product due to the low prices of the Chinese suppliers.

AliExpress To eBay Dropshipping - Step By Step Explanation


Find Hot AliExpress Dropshipping Products

You can get thousands of hot AliExpress dropshipping products and upload them to your store with a click of a button, using the AutoDS Finder.

Grab full products and niche pages with one click using the “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension.


Upload The Products to Your eBay Store

Use any of the AutoDS product listers and upload the items to your eBay store.

You can chose between: regular lister, bulk lister, schedule uploads, and recurring uploads using the AutoDS finder.
Supported eBay sites: eBay US, UK, DE, FR and IT.

* All of the listers support variations products upload


Price and Stock Monitoring

AutoDS will monitor all of the products that you have uploaded from AliExpress and check for price/ stock changes, every hour.

If any changes are detected, AutoDS will automatically update your eBay store.

The price and stock monitoring feature is available for AliExpress to eBay US, UK, DE, FR and IT


Fulfill Your Orders Automatically

AliExpress auto ordering system (FREE!)

Once you get an order on your eBay store, you can rest. AutoDS will fulfill the order and send it to your buyer automatically.

The auto ordering system supports order fulfillment using credit card / Aliexpress pocket balance and you can add as many accounts as you want.


Manage Your eBay Customer Support

Forget about jumping between multiple systems to manage your customer support, cases, and returns.

In AutoDS, you can manage all of them from one simple system.


Automatic Tracking Number Updates & Messages to The Buyers

Once the supplier ships the order, AutoDS will grab the tracking number from AliExpress automatically and will update it to your account.

AutoDS will send 3 messages to your buyers:
* A verification message that the order has been received and is being prepared for dispatch
* A shipping verification with the tracking number.
* A delivery confirmation followed by a feedback request.

AliExpress To eBay Integration Key Features

ePacket Calculation

When you dropship from China, in most of the cases you will prefer to use ePacket as your shipping method.

AutoDS will calculate the price of ePacket automatically, and according to the marketplace that you sell on.

Price Optimization Features

AutoDS will round your prices to .99rise them when your products sell well and decrease them if the products stop having sales.

Advanced Chrome Extension

The “AutoDS Helper” Chrome extension allows you to grab full pages of hot products, niches, or even specific sellers’ products. 

Use it to, quickly, find new products to sell.

The extension will also help you fulfill your orders much faster and easier using the address copier feature, which allows you to copy your clients’ addresses from AutoDS to AliExpress.

Manage Multiple Stores From One Screen

Manage all of your stores from one screen:

If you have multiple eBay dropshipping stores, you can manage all of their orders, products, and messages together from one screen, one platform, and one AutoDS account.


When you use filters over your stores, you will see all of the details together.

5 Supported Marketplaces

AutoDS supports AliExpress to eBay dropshipping for the following marketplaces:

eBay US, eBay UK, eBay DE, eBay IT and eBay FR.

Accurate Profits Calculation

You can get an accurate calculation of your profits that all of your stores made the past days, weeks, months, or even years. All from one page!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a trial period?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all of the features that AutoDS offers.

Do you have customer support?

Yes, we do! Our customer support is available 24/7, and always willing to help you.

Can I migrate from another dropshipping tool?

Yes, the migration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Every how much time does the price & stock monitoring run?

Price and stock monitoring run every 60 minutes.