eBay Price and Stock Monitoring Software

Focus on making profits – AutoDS will automate your entire price & stock monitoring, so you stay on the safe side!

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The benefits of
the price & stock monitoring on AutoDS:

Stay safe!

AutoDS will always keep you from losing money with the price or stock changes. If the price on the supplier’s site increases – AutoDS will raise it in your store accordingly, and if the price drops- it will also drop it in your store.
Same about the stock – never keep your customers waiting for an item that you can’t deliver! If the supplier’s stock for a product has gone low  – or none –  AutoDS will take care of it and will take the product out of stock in your store.

Quality & speed

AutoDS is built using the newest technologies, to provide you the most accurate information.
We scan all your products every 30-60 minutes, to minimize the risk of lack of synchronization between yours and your supplier’s prices & stock.
AutoDS will fulfill your orders within a few minutes, something that will also decrease the possibility of this situation to happen.


AutoDS’ monitoring uptime is over 99.99%.

Price and stock monitoring using AutoDS
step by step explanation:


Register to AutoDS

The process is easy and you can try it for only $1.
After registration, you will be able to configure your store and start saving time, using the automated eBay price & stock monitoring of AutoDS.

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Link your eBay store to AutoDS

Link your eBay store to AutoDS using the on-boarding process of AutoDS. You can choose between regular API account connection, or you can choose the “Non-API” solution of AutoDS.

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Configure the price & stock monitoring

AutoDS configures the recommended settings for you, but it still worth to take a look. Configure your profit, break even, minimum required quantity, and more, on the monitors page.

After you finish – click start, and you are all set! The price and stock monitoring will be done for you automatically – 24/7, with 99.99% uptime!

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Enjoy the easy scaling!

You can now sit back and relax. AutoDS will help you start scaling up your dropshipping business, either you have only one store or many stores, without the headache over price and stock syncing between your store and your supplier.

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AutoDS Price and Stock Monitoring Key Features

Dynamic breakeven optimization

If you sell on eBay US, for part of the products you will have taxes from your supplier, and for others, you will not. AutoDS will adapt your break-even automatically, according to the potential tax.

Minimum quantity in stock monitoring

The “minimum quantity in stock” feature will allow you to stay on the safe side, and set the products out of stock when the quantity of the product goes low.

Round to .99 cents

There are psychology researches that say that the buyers don’t look at the right two digits. AutoDS will help you to maximize your profits and will round the prices to .99 cents automatically.

Shipping prices calculation

Part of the items may have an additional shipping cost. AutoDS will recognize this and add the shipping price to the total price of the products.

Supported suppliers

The price and stock monitoring are featured for all the supported suppliers in AutoDS.

Easy migration

It doesn’t matter which tool you are using right now, the migration process is easy and our support can help you do this process for you.

Price optimization

The price and stock monitoring system is fully compatible with the automatic price optimization system of AutoDS.

This means that if your profits were adapted to the competition – the price & stock monitoring system will monitor your products with the newly adapted profits.

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eBay price & stock monitoring - FAQ

Is there any trial version of the price & stock monitoring on AutoDS?

Sure there is! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all the features that AutoDS offers.

Can you help me to migrate my products to AutoDS

Yes, the migration process is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Our support team will do it with you to help you with the process.

Do you have customer support?

Yes, our customer support works 24/7 and we are always there to help you.

Can someone in AutoDS help me to work right with this tool?

Sure! We have our mentorship program that can help youwith it for free. Contact our support to check if you are eligible to get a mentor.

Can I use the price & stock monitoring for Non-API eBay stores?

Sure, the price & stock monitoring is supported for both versions, the API version and the Non-API version.

Every how much time will AutoDS sync my stock & prices?

AutoDS scans all of your products every 30-60 minutes.

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