Weekly Newsletter #34 – 2 timesavers upgrades for Non-API users

New Videos

Dropshipping From Overstock: The 9 Facts That Makes It A Huge Opportunity (Full Overview)

Here are nine interesting facts and also a full overview of why Overstock became so attractive and an excellent opportunity for a lot of drop shippers.
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Costway Dropshipping: The Benefits Of The Extended Partnership

Now, you not only get the 3% discount if you're selling in the United States but also for other marketplaces. The partnership covers the UK, Germany, and France.
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Recent Updates

Re-login automatically for Non-API users

After the first sign in to the file exchange using the Chrome extension – the extension will re-login automatically. You don’t need to click the annoying “sign-in” button every day anymore.

Automatic uploads for Non-API users

We added the “Upload monitor,” when the extension is ON, the monitor will send the “pending” uploads every 10 minutes automatically, so you don’t need to jump between servers to click the “upload pending uploads” button anymore.

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