Weekly Newsletter #14 – Over 500 Installations to our New Android/ iPhone App!

Weekly Newsletter #14

New Videos

Opening multiple eBay stores

When It’s The Best Time to Create Additional eBay Stores (Stealth Accounts / Linked eBay Stores)?

What are the 3 main reasons to open an additional eBay store or stealth account? Learn the benefits and how to do it the right way.
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How to buy eBay accounts?

7 Rules That You Need to Follow When You Purchase eBay Accounts (This Will Save You From Troubles)

Learn 7 rules that you need to follow when you purchase eBay accounts so you won't have any problems with the account in the future.
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Recent Updates

Over 500 Installations to our New Android/ iPhone mobile App!

Finally, we are really happy to announce that our new app is now up and ready to be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store for free. What’s new? It’s fully updated and it will also send you your account notifications directly to your phone! Enjoy!

Download AutoDS APP For Free – Android | iOS

Weekly Newsletter #13
Increase our eBay sales by 5-7% using eBay branding strategy, AutoDS Integration with ZIK Analytics and more updates.
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Weekly Newsletter #12
eBay promoted listings are back! (Over 200% sales increase!), AutoDS status information page, and more updates.
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Weekly Newsletter #11
More products for the Coupons Finder category in AutoDS Finder, What to do when you have watchers, but no buyers and more updates.
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