Weekly Newsletter #4 – Yearly Subscriptions

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New Videos

How to do returns
from a locked Amazon account? (Tutorial)

Tutorial video how to do returns from a locked Amazon account. With this method you can easily save lot of time and a lot of cash.


How to work with eBay stealth accounts using FireFox portable and proxy (Tutorial)

What is a proxy? What is Firefox portable? And how both these things will help you to scale your eBay business using eBay stealth accounts?

Recent Updates
New Dropshipping Supplier: Overstock

We always read your requests, and it’s a fact that we have received too many requests for this supplier. So, we are very happy to announce that Overstock is now available on AutoDS! You can import your existing Overstock listings and you can, also, upload new ones directly to your eBay US stores.

AliExpress Auto Orders with credit card Added

AliExpress Auto Orders are now fully supported for payments through credit cards. The only thing you need to do is add your AliExpress account and your credit card details in the Orders Processor. And remember! AliExpress Auto Orders, are still FREE, and no AO credits are deducted during the process.

New yearly subscriptions now on AutoDS

AutoDS yearly subscriptions are now available! You can now select a yearly subscription plan and instantly get a 20% discount, compared to the monthly subscriptions. Why wait? Don’t lose any time, and upgrade now to get your 20% discount.

Click here to check our yearly plans >>

AutoDS Spanish videos playlist

Today there are more then 480 million native speakers. That’s why we decided to create training videos in Spanish. Spanish speakers? Welcome to watch and share your friends.

watch now >>

Mentorship Program Success Stories
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