Weekly Newsletter #9 – New auto ordering system in AutoDS

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People tend to believe that dropshipping from China can potentially put your account at high risk. But how true is that?  Watch the video to find out the pros and cons of this dropshipping model.


7 ways to find VA’s (virtual assistants) online for your e-commerce business

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Major upgrades in the Auto Ordering system!

Auto Ordering Accounts Management Update

We have updated the auto ordering accounts section. Now you can easily check what errors your purchase accounts have encountered, and why they couldn’t fulfil your orders.

So here is how it works: The new system will now disable your Amazon accounts, temporarily, in case of problems. This way, the percentage of your locked accounts will dramatically decrease!!

New Auto Orders Daily Amount Limit

Another cool feature we have added: You can now set a daily limit on the gift card amount that will be spent through Auto Ordering, to have better manage of your gift card balance on each account, and decrease the possibility to have your account locked.

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July 12th, 2019|


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