Weekly Newsletter #12 – eBay promoted listings are back! (Over 200% sales increase!)

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How to add more currencies to your PayPal account (If you don’t do this you lose money)

Many drop shippers that work on other eBay marketplaces like eBay FR / IT/ UK/ DE, haven’t configured their PayPal correctly to work the right way with their selected marketplace.


Stealth accounts – Should I use VPS (Like Amazon AWS) or Private Proxies with Portable Firefox?

Dropshippers want to use stealth accounts for many reasons. Find out if it is a good idea to use a virtual private server (VPS).

Recent Updates
200% sales increase and the promoted listings back to work!

Finally, eBay has started to un-flag accounts . Every dropshipper who followed the right tactics, has seen an incredible sales increase of over 200% during the past week! Check Lior’s post on Facebook with people’s results here

AutoDS status information is now under the chat button of AutoDS

You can now see under the customer support chat button the operational status of the system. You can subscribe and get email notifications once an issue is created, updated or resolved. Check it here

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August 1st, 2019|


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