The easiest & fastest way to get more profitable products after we sold a product (Full explanation)

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There are many ways to find profitable products, like AutoDS finder, AutoDS coupons finder, market research tools like Zik Analytics, Chilihunter and so on, but what is the fastest the easiest, and the freeway to do this task?

In this video, we will talk about the free and the easiest way to get more profitable products immediately and very fast, actually this is the fastest way to do this after you sold a product on your eBay account, So let’s see how it works.

We got a few requests from our students in the mentorship program to create this video, actually I created this video for our mentors and students but I also published it to YouTube so everyone can benefit from it, so let’s say that we sold this product and now we want to maximize our profits, because if this product sells well for us we obviously want to have some similar products like this one, as drop shippers we don’t want to have only one product that sells well while we can maximize our profits and get much more products like this.

Because I don’t want to lose the seller as I already did the market research and checked that this seller is actually a good seller I want to continue to work with him, the first thing you should do is to enter the store.


Entering Seller’s Store

When you are inside the seller’s store go to top-selling products, you can just use the AutoDs helper extension to extract all of these products together.


Top Selling Products


AutoDs Helper Extension

Then click export as CSV or just copy all of these products ids and upload them to your monitor, all with one click (if your monitor supports it)


Exporting Products with AutoDs Helper

So this is the first method, which is very easy and very profitable, all of these products have positive feedbacks, and the seller is good so we want to continue working with more products from this seller.


Positive Feedbacks

The next method is as follows, let’s say that we wanna work with this product, so I will just copy the title as it is and I will put it in the search bar then I just click search, now as you can see we didn’t find the exact results. what should we do?


Searching Using Product’s Title

We need just to go and click on the first one then we will get more similar products based on our search query, now I will do the same trick by clicking extract in order to grab all the new products IDs,


searching by titles



Search Results

You can walk through all the available pages to extract as many products as you need. I recommend you also before doing this to sort the products based on feedbacks, free shipping, Min and Max Price …


Sorting Search Results

This is actually the best and free method to get much more free products which have a very high potential to sell in our store because we already sold a similar product, the buyer may search for more products like this or maybe we had a good result on this specific niche.

I hope you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe and write down in the comments what do you think about this video, are you using these methods or do you use any other methods to increase your profits after you got a sell, see you in the next videos bye bye.

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May 19th, 2019|


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