The Facebook Marketplace is the newest and one of the most profitable selling channels for dropshipping.

While the Facebook Marketplace has been around for a while, dropshippers only recently started using it as an additional platform for expanding their dropshipping business.

On the one hand, the Facebook Marketplace is completely different from dropshipping on other selling channels such as eBay and Shopify. On the other hand, it is completely untapped. Not many are doing it and the organic traffic and sales are through the roof.

Therefore, starting to dropship on Facebook Marketplace now is the perfect time to enjoy the fruits that will come (sooner than) later.

If you’re interested in dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace but have no idea where to start – look no further. This guide will walk you through all of the steps from having no prior knowledge to getting your first sales.

What Is Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping?

facebook marketplace dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where the seller (you) doesn’t hold (or pay for) any physical stock. You list an item on your online store, and when it sells, you purchase the product from your supplier and ship it directly to your buyer. 

The price difference is your profit, and there is no initial startup investment.

Now, with the power of Facebook’s ability to direct a ton of free organic traffic to our store on the marketplace, the Facebook Marketplace is one of the best under-the-radar selling channels to start or expand your dropshipping business.

Additionally, just like any other dropshipping selling platform, when the sales start to come in, it becomes fun and addictive. 

However, scalability is always an issue that limits our business from expanding beyond a certain point, and that’s because there is only so much we can do in one day.

Not only will we guide you through all of the steps to find hot products to sell, post a listing and sell on the Facebook Marketplace, but we will also show you how you can automate your dropshipping business so you won’t miss out on price or stock changes from your suppliers.

Find Products to Dropship On The Facebook Marketplace 

find products to sell facebook

Finding good products that will sell is the first step toward a successful Facebook dropshipping store. Because Facebook dropshipping is relatively new, finding products that will sell is far less difficult than other selling channels such as eBay or Shopify. 

With hardly any competition for dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace, we can easily find good products to sell by looking up best-selling items on sites like Amazon or Walmart

Unlike eBay, where thousands of dropshippers have been selling there for years, Facebook opens a new window of opportunity for dropshippers of all levels to capitalize on. 

Finding best-selling products is a straightforward task. For example, on Amazon’s homepage, we can find the best-selling products by going to “Best Sellers” at the top right-hand side. 

Then, the  “Movers and Shakers” section will show us the hottest selling items in the past couple of days. This is a great place to catch new rising trends. 

Let’s not forget to select only categories and items that are fit for the dropshipping business model.

Best-Sellers & Listings With Good Reviews

amazon best sellers

Home and kitchen is a popular category with plenty of items considered safe for dropshipping. After clicking “Movers and Shakers,” we can select “Home and Kitchen” on the left column. Then, select an item.

Similarly, dropshippers can find items for their Facebook store on Walmart. Open the drop-down menu located at the top left and select a department. 

Note that Walmart offers multiple categories under each department. Keep selecting categories until you reach the homepage of your chosen subcategory. In this example, we select “Home, Furniture & Appliances”.

walmart categories dropshipping

Next, pick a category. To illustrate, let’s pick the “Kitchen & Dining” category. Then, pick a subcategory within “Kitchen & Dining” and select an item. 

Make sure to sort items by “Best Sellers” (top right). Finally, pick a hot-selling item with positive reviews since we only want to sell high-quality products.

walmart best sellers

The AutoDS dropshipping platform supports over twenty-five suppliers, including Amazon and Walmart. 

With so many suppliers and millions of products to choose from, we are all but guaranteed success on our dropshipping journey as long as we are willing to put the work in. 

What Products Are Not Allowed to be Sold on Facebook Marketplace?

now allowed to sell facebook marketplace

Now that we’ve covered how to dropship on the Facebook marketplace, we need to know which products cannot be dropshipped on Facebook. 

When it comes to its marketplace, some obvious types of prohibited products include animals, bodily fluids etc. 

However, other prohibited items may not be so obvious to us as dropshippers. In fact,  Facebook’s commerce policy contains a list of twenty-five categories that are prohibited on the platform. Violating these policies may affect our ability to sell on the marketplace in the future. Some examples include:

  • Adult products (like sex toys)
  • Medical products (e.g., band-aids, antibiotic ointments, pain relievers etc.)
  • Misleading, violent, or hateful materials (for example, a T-shirt with a hateful message)
  • Ingestible supplements (e.g., vitamins, protein bars, and the like)
  • Alcohol (e.g., beer, vodka, rum)
  • Recalled products
  • Any products that violate the Facebook community policy


Aside from items prohibited by Facebook’s specific policies, many other products and items cannot be dropshipped or re-sold anywhere. For our convenience and protection, AutoDS has a list of such items in its database. The AutoDS platform will automatically warn us from listing any item on its prohibited list. 

Begin Dropshipping On The Facebook Marketplace

How To Dropship On The Facebook Marketplace

Knowing how easy it is to find products, how can dropshippers make the most of the lucrative opportunity Facebook Marketplace presents?

Luckily we have at our disposal a detailed guide of how to dropship on Facebook Marketplace and semi-automate our Facebook store by utilizing AutoDS’s dropshipping tools. 

Before we begin listing items, it is important to download and install the Chrome AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Extension. This extension will allow us to import our products quickly and easily to the Facebook Marketplace.

autods helper

After installing the extension (and making sure you enabled the Facebook Marketplace Plan on your AutoDS subscription) we can add our first Facebook store.

To do this, at the top left of the screen, you click on the pencil symbol, which will open a pop-up window with the list of current stores.

Click on “Add Store”.

add store autods

Then, three options will appear: eBay, Shopify, and Facebook. Select Facebook and then pick a name for the store.

The name is internal to our account for reference purposes. It will not appear on Facebook. 

facebook store listing type

Where To Find Products To Dropship On The Facebook Marketplace

We’re finally ready to add products to our Facebook store. For illustration purposes,  let’s use Amazon’s “Movers and Shakers” list to select a product that has a good chance of selling well. 

After choosing a product, we have two options: 

1. Utilize the extension we installed earlier to import the product with one click. A link will appear at the top of any product page with the title “Import to AutoDS”.

one click importer

2. Use the AutoDS Platform to add products. This option functions more effectively and saves time because it imports all titles, descriptions, images, and other information needed for the product. 

Go to the AutoDS dashboard and click “Add Products” on the top left. A new pop-up screen will appear that takes us through the steps necessary before posting an item to our store. 

add products autods

You will see a small pencil with the item’s destination store at the top of this screen.

edit stores autods

If your Facebook store name does not appear, or you see that others are selected, then click on the pencil and be sure to select the Facebook store and deselect all others

choose store autods

Adding Products To The Facebook Marketplace

Next, go through the steps that create a product draft, a preliminary process done before posting an item to Facebook. 

Like in any store, AutoDS allows us to add items to Facebook Marketplace individually or in bulk by using a CSV file. The third option allows AutoDS to find the best-selling product for us. 

add products autods facebook

In this case, we are adding just one product to our Facebook store. Therefore, paste the URL or Product ID# into the empty text box.

Next, ensure the product source is correct (bottom of the text box). For instance, if the supplier is Amazon, it should say so at the bottom. 

Now that we’ve pasted the product URL into the correct place, we can move to the next step by clicking “Next” at the bottom right.

Tagging the product allows us to track the performance of each product in its respective category. In this case, we can track all Facebook products by tagging them “Facebook.” 

Other settings like “Price Range” or “Automation” aren’t relevant when adding products to Facebook.

tagging products

Once we’ve tagged the product, go to the next screen to choose its price settings.

Facebook Marketplace Fees & Break-even Settings

Facebook charges a %5 fee on every sale we make, so be sure to add it to your break-even settings. 

Then, we can choose the amount of profit we want in percentage or dollar amount.

Facebook Marketplace Fees

The shipping and policies section is not relevant to Facebook, so we can skip that and proceed to “Import to store”.

Next, select “Add as a draft” and click “next”.

add draft autods

On the left column of the main page, select “drafts” to begin optimizing the product you just added. To confirm it is the right product, look out for a small Facebook emblem at the bottom of the product bar. 

Aside from the Facebook symbol, a few other tabs below the product title serve an important function: we use them to confirm the last details before posting to Facebook Marketplace.

optimizing drafts

For example, you can confirm the correct supplier is listed (in this case Amazon US).  

However, there are two important tabs to focus on: notes and variants

For later reference purposes, simply post the product URL into the notes tab. This allows us to easily track price and stock movements from our suppliers which we will explain soon. 

add product note autods

If the variants tab shows more than one, make sure to delete all variants except for the ones we want to sell. We do this because Facebook does not support variants (w. Therefore, it is important to delete variants that needlessly eat up our AutoDS subscription plan

To delete variants, click on the arrow to the product’s left, then “Variants”. 

Next, select all variants, except for the one we are selling, and click “delete”. The product should now only show the variant that we need.

In this case, we only want the red meat-thermometer, so we select and delete the black one. 

Now, leave the page as is, open a new browser tab, and go to the Facebook Marketplace.

Creating The Listing On The Facebook Marketplace

On the Facebook homepage click “Marketplace” and on the left column we select “Create New Listing”. 

From the four listing types that appear on the main screen, select “Item for Sale”.

facebook item for sale

Next, we go back to the variants tab on the AutoDS platform where we left off. On the right side of the desired variant, click copy

This copies the product to the AutoDS chrome extension we installed earlier.

autods copy variants facebook

We are finally ready to post to Facebook! On the marketplace where we left off, click the “Paste from AutoDS” link. 

paste autods facebook marketplace

This uploads the item to Facebook with all relevant information. However, the information may appear disorganized. Therefore, as dropshippers, we should edit the information before publishing an item to Facebook. 

Item Listing Optimization

For starters, the product description will show up in one long paragraph:

Item Listing Optimization

We want to break it down into bullet points and line/paragraph breaks so it is more user-friendly to read and understand. 

Next, delete any images that are for variants we are not selling. 

Finally, we should go over the product title, price, condition, category, and other fields to ensure the product lists correctly

For example, we have a better chance of higher sales if the item gets posted in the correct category where other Facebook users will look for our type of product.

product category facebook marketplace

As you scroll below the various categories and product description, you will find an option to “List as a Single Item” or “List as in Stock”. Given that we are dropshipping, it makes more sense to list as in stock. This allows us to keep selling units for as long as the supplier has them in stock. 

The Facebook Marketplace Shipping Option

Additionally, Facebook will prompt us to select a shipping option. In this case, we are using Amazon Prime which ships anywhere in the United States. Therefore, we can select any city and state for our item. 

However, dropshippers without US citizenship can only sell an item in the city they select. Additionally, Facebook ensures that only residents of that locality can see the item. 

Unfortunately, this means fewer sales on Facebook for dropshippers without US citizenship. 

facebook marketplace shipping option

Conversely, US-based dropshippers can select the “set up shipping” option at the bottom of the Delivery Method window. This allows them to sell anywhere in the United States, which can greatly increase their sales. 

Therefore, American dropshippers in the United States should select the shipping option when uploading items to Facebook. 

facebook marketplace delivery method

If the product details all appear correct, we can publish the item. Click “Next”, and Facebook prompts you to decide which groups the item should be listed in. 

Posting items in buy-and-sell groups increases the visibility of the product, and therefore its sales volume. After this selection, we click “publish”, and the item is now available for purchase. 

Semi-Automation with AutoDS 

We’ve listed our product on Facebook Marketplace, but how do we manage orders efficiently while saving time for our other stores and projects?

Fortunately, we have AutoDS’s automation tools at our disposal to facilitate the management of our Facebook store.

Unlike in Ebay and Shopify, full automation is not available yet for Facebook. However, AutoDS’s semi-automation for Facebook Marketplace gives us the option to monitor stock and price changes on the supplier side. 

Monitoring is a crucial component of maintaining and scaling a profitable Facebook store. 

facebook marketplace automation

To enable Facebook stock and price monitoring, go back to the AutoDS dashboard. On the bottom left corner click “Settings” and then at the top right corner “Notifications”. 

We see several options for “Orders Notifications” that are not relevant for our Facebook store. However, right below it, you will see an option for “Monitoring Notifications”. These notifications function as a semi-automation feature for the Facebook store. 

settings notifications autods facebook marketplace

To turn on monitoring notifications, toggle both price and stock monitoring to the on position.

stock price monitoring facebook autods

Next, below “Monitoring Notifications”, enter your email address where you wish to receive the price and stock change notifications. 

These actions ensure that AutoDS instantly notifies us of every stock or price change of an item via email. 

When that happens, we’ll go to Facebook and manually change the price or stock accordingly

Import To The AutoDS Platform

Next, we want to add the product to the AutoDS platform. Go to “Drafts”, and the item we worked on earlier will appear. On the right-hand side, click “import”.

import facebook to autods

Congratulations! The product has now been added to the platform. We can begin to track our stock and prices directly from AutoDS without checking every product through our suppliers every day.

A note section in the item draft serves as a reference for products we add to our stores. Emails with monitoring notifications will include any information we enter into the notes.

Therefore, It is beneficial for dropshippers to enter a product URL into the notes. In the event of a price or stock movement, the URL allows us to instantly see the item’s status on the supplier’s side. 

Consequently, the notes tab enhances the notifications feature by enabling us to make timely business decisions. 

add note facebook autods

Since the product is already in our AutoDS dashboard, changes to the price and stock automatically reflect in the product bar. However, changes do not occur automatically on our Facebook account.

Therefore, when notified of price or stock changes, go directly to Facebook and change the price or stock manually. 

Our semi-automated Facebook dropshipping store is now ready for success. 

This is the only dropshipping tool of its kind currently on the market. All we need to do now is find winning products and add them to our Facebook store. Which, again, is much easier on this untapped marketplace.

Once we get orders, we fulfill them through our suppliers and ship them directly to the buyer. Enter shipping information when available, and enjoy the profits!

Wrapping It Up

Facebook Marketplace stands as an untapped gold mine. As a result, dropshippers have the opportunity to add a profitable stream of income to their current businesses. If done correctly, dropshippers will see a surge in sales. 

As dropshippers start reaping the benefits of Facebook Marketplace, those who connect their Facebook stores with AutoDS’s semi-automation features can gain a competitive edge. 

start dropshipping facebook marketplace

Utilizing AutoDS’s automation dropshipping tools for Facebook can make dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace a friendlier journey, while also saving precious time

Since it is primarily a social network, Facebook has strict standards for what can and cannot be sold on its marketplace. Similarly, it restricts overseas sellers from selling items in more than one location in the United States.

Nonetheless, with over twenty-five suppliers and millions of items supported by AutoDS, along with protection from adding products that aren’t allowed, dropshippers from all over the world can begin earning big bucks on Facebook Marketplace.  

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