AutoDS gives you 100 best Dropshipping products for 2021 for FREE

Proper research on finding products is the most important thing in your dropshipping business. Don’t waste your time to find the best dropshipping products for 2021.

Manually searching for products can be exhausting and abrasive. The search process consists of many data, and without prior knowledge, no research can be done correctly. Besides that, your time is importantand wasting time on finding products makes you lose focus on the important things in your dropshipping business. For example – professional customer service, proper financial management, etc.

Learn how to find the best dropshipping products without wasting any more time!

Market Research and Product Finding Tools

Using a product-finding tool defensively will save you a lot of time. The tools will help you find the best products in the right way. They will scan the market and go through millions of products. The algorithms will work and show you the best results for you!

Use AutoDS Finder to find the best dropshipping products for you!

We recently launched the new version of AutoDS Finder. Hundreds of thousands of products were added, option for finding products for Non-API users, and more suppliers for finding products, a lower chance for VeRO, recurring uploads, and Improvements to the algorithm.

How does the AutoDS Finder algorithm works?

AutoDS Finder scans over 40K drop shippers on eBay and collects information on their best selling products.

It also scans all suppliers’ sites.

Using a smart algorithm of big data and machine learning, it collects all this data and matches the best selling items directly to those in the suppliers’ sites.

Once this process is complete, these items are available to you for direct uploading.

Find out more about the upgrades we made in AutoDS Finder:

  1. More products to find
  2. Best dropshipping products for Non-API users
  3. More suppliers were added
  4. New product upload system
  5. Amazon coupon product feature
  6. Recurring uploads

More products to find

Thanks to the algorithm changes and improvements we made, AutoDS Finder filtered and added hundreds of thousands of new products. Now you will get products from a higher amount of categories which will make your store to be much more unique.

Best dropshipping products for Non-API users

A few months ago, we launched our Non-API dropshipping solution. We’ve noticed that there is a high demand to open AutoDS Finder for non-API users as well. We always listen to your requests, and from now on, you can use AutoDS Finder even if you are a Non-API user!

New suppliers

Locked Amazon accounts it sucks! Don’t waste any more time and try one of the most important improvements we have made to the new version – the addition of new suppliers. Aliexpress, Homedepot, Chinabrands, and Costway have been added to the new version of AutoDS Finder. The new suppliers were selected according to your requests!

New product upload system

From now on, the number of products you choose to upload will be the exact number of products uploaded. For example, if one of the products we tried to upload is out of stock, our system will automatically replace the product.
In this way, eBay will see that you always upload the same amount of products properly.

Amazon coupon product feature

After launching this feature, we saw that lots of users are making money with it. You can make up to 60% profit with the Amazon coupons!

Click here for more details about our Amazon coupon product feature

Recurring uploads

The best way to show eBay that you are active is to upload products consistently. With our new feature, you can set a specific time on the day your products will be uploaded. Watch more about our new feature:

So don’t waste any more time, use AutoDS Finder to find the best products for your dropshipping business – Start Now $1 Trial and get 100 best dropshipping products for FREE!

Some success stories of the AutoDS Finder

How to maximize sales and find more products with additional tools?

AutoDS Helper – Chrome extension

After you find products that work well for you, find their categories or the sellers from whom you bought the products.
Use AutoDS helper, and with one click, you can extract product id’s from full pages from specific sellers, niches, categories, etc. After you extracted the pages, you can get ready to upload a file that you can upload using the bulk uploader of AutoDS.

You can also use AutoDS Helper to find the best dropshipping products by the “Hot Products” category. For example, you can take all the products from Aliexpress “hot products” page and upload it to AutoDS.

Always monitor the success of your products

Add a tag – Our latest recommendation is to add a tag to any upload you make. This way, you can create a metric and research what worked best for you.
This could be the supplier, the category that you choose, or similar products that you have uploaded using AutoDS Helper.

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