3 reasons why putting your eBay store in a vacation mode is a terrible mistake

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  • 3-reasons-why-putting-your-eBay-store-in-a-vacation-mode-is-a-terrible-mistake

When we are dropshipping on eBay we may want to take a break for various reasons. Therefore, eBay has a solution for us, which is the “Vacation Mode” feature. This allows us as dropshippers to hide our fixed price listings from eBay’s search results.

In this article i want to talk with you about three reasons why putting your eBay store in vacation mode is the most and the biggest mistake which you can do while drop shipping on eBay.

So the first thing is something which most of you even didn’t think about it before, I am talking about customer retention.

Customer Retention:

if you go and check your orders page in your store or in your monitor you will see that it actually have a lot of customers (it’s around 10% usually) which buy from you more than one time.

Now how does it happen? actually, these people are people who were happy with your service or with the product which they bought from you and then they will just come to your store and buy it again, it can be for them, for their friends, or their family.

These people will go to your store then they will see that your store is on vacation mode, now what do you think will happen on the next time? next time these people will just not come and will not buy from you again because it will be in their mind that they already came to your store and it was close.

This is not something that they like and they will not buy from you again they will just not check for your store again, it’s not because they don’t like you or they don’t like your service or your store, this is what happens in our brain even without our attention.

eBay Cassini / eBay Search Algorithm:

eBay Cassini or eBay Algorithm hate when we don’t do thing consistently, this is why I always say in my videos that you should upload products every day, it’s not because I want you to work harder or something like that, it is just because it is really important for eBay Cassini to see that your work is consistent.

Think about real stores in real life, if you are a store owner you probably get stocks every Monday or every Friday, doesn’t matter but you will always get things every each day. it’s the same thing on eBay, you should upload products every day because this way you show eBay that you are really consistent and that you’re really managing a real business here and you really care about your business.

eBay Cassini hates vacation mode, I know tens or maybe hundreds of cases when people put their stores in vacation mode and then when they back (it doesn’t matter even after one week), most of the time it takes them months to get back to where they were.

I know some people who were selling around 20-30 orders per day then when they back to work it took them another two or three months to get to the same situation.

It’s not only affecting you on the way that you don’t sell right now on the vacation mode which is also something very bad because you lose money actually but also it will affect your store on the long term and it will be much harder for you to recover.

Momentum and Motivation:

The third and the last thing is the momentum and motivation, this is something about our mindset think about this; you are regular to everyday work every day you do the same tasks, you manage your Customer Support, you manage your orders, you upload products on a daily basis and all these stuff.

Think about this, you went on a vacation you forget about these things your discipline goes down you had a very good discipline because you did these things every day and then nothing, your mind just forget about these things.

Now you come back from the vacation after two weeks or one week it doesn’t matter and your mind needs to settle down again to work on these tasks every day, this thing is very hard and it will take you a lot of time.

So you have here three very bad things which will affect your store if you put it in a vacation mode.

You may be thinking about how do avoid vacation mode? we will write another article on the next few days maybe even tomorrow about how to avoid vacation mode and how to do it the right way, because all of us want to go to vacation and want to enjoy our lives, nobody just born to work all day, so I have some very easy solutions for this and I will show it to you in the upcoming articles, see you soon bye bye.

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