Webinar – Dropshipping From Bandggood To eBay (Full Guide)

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Dropshipping From Bandggood To eBay (Full Guide)

Learn how to skyrocket your store’s profits by taking advantage of up to 32% Cash Back, and start saving hours of hard work on find profitable products!

?What is so special about Banggood

  • Excellent Customer Service - Live Chat directly with the supplier allows you to provide excellent customer service!
  • Find Hot Items Using a Free System - The supplier will tell you what are the hot selling items!
  • Cashback - Up to 32% Cash Back with every purchase - we wil learn how to achieve that and increase profitability.
  • Full Integration with AutoDS - The supplier is supported by AutoDS, which will save you hours of work + we will learn unique ways of working with the new supplier, using AutoDS
  • Supports PayPal - Unlike other suppliers, Banggood accepts PayPal as a payment method.
  • The Supplier Encourages DropShipping! - We will learn how to use Banggood's systems, which are custom built for us, the drop-shippers!

Who is this Webinar intended for?

  • Drop-shippers who want to save hours of hard work and increase their profits.
  • Sellers who want to work with a high-quality, Chinese-American supplier, and enjoy a great advantage in the market with fast and safe growth.
  • For those of you who want to make a lot of money, taking advantage of up to 32% Cash Back.
  • Chinese suppliers are more profitable, though lack in customer service... Our new supplier, Banggood, allows you to enjoy both worlds!

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By the end of the webinar, you will have a detailed step by step working plan for eBay dropshipping 2019

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