AutoDS VS Shopmaster

AutoDS vs ShopMaster

Which is better for automatic dropshipping ?



AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping tool. We have unique tools that help you make more money than or any other eBay dropshipping platform. Take a look!

Price monitoring
Auto ordering system on the server side (without chrome extensions)
Scan timeEvery hourOnce a day
Automatic tracking numbers updates (On the server side, without extensions)
Automatic price raise & drop according to if products sell
Automatically deletes bad selling products
Full customer support management
system including cases & returns
Amazon price & stock monitoring
Free private mentorship program, with private dropshipping lessons
Get products which sold at least 8 times
in the last month with one click +
recurring uploads  
Item specifics copier chrome extension
Daily scans for CURRENT VERO products
(not only during the uploading process)
Full listings hiding from market research

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6 reasons why AutoDS

AutoDS has a lot of reasons why it is the most complete eBay dropshipping Tool in the market. Our beliefs are not only based on our confidence on its extremely useful and innovative features that we have added – and continue to add, but also because whoever tries it, can’t try something else after AutoDS.

Some examples of AutoDS’ unique features

  • Automatic price optimisation, according to our store’s and products performance
  • Advanced Products Lister which will hide your products from market research tools, allow you to upload products with variations, create recurring uploads, scheduled uploads, and much more.
  • AutoDS finder – a tool which can give you hunderds of hot selling products with one click, including Amazon coupon products, and products from most of the supported suppliers
  •  Full customer support system – you don’t need to jump between the screens of eBay and AutoDS, you can manage everything inside one system –  AutoDS
  • Automated orders – including automatic orders, tracking numbers updates, BlueCare express integration and automatic 3 messages to the buyers.
  • There are another 20 high quality features, which will help you to automate your dropshipping business and increase the profits
AutoDS VS Salefreaks

AutoDS’ owner is a dropshipper himself

It means that he know what dropshippers need, and he is doing high quality webinars / videos very consistently.

He did the biggest webinar about how to do dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay, had the biggest and the most successful eBay dropshipping mentoring program in Israel with over 150 BIG successful dropshippers, and he released over 100 high-quality videos on YouTube to teach people for free.

AutoDS VS Salefreaks

AutoDS has the best customer support

Our customer support team contains 15 agents and works for 14.5 hours a day officially, and more hours after this for urgent cases – 7 days a week

AutoDS VS Salefreaks

Mentorship program

We care about our clients, AutoDS Provides 1 on 1 personal mentoring with our best dropshippers, the mentors are people who were checked personally by Lior, AutoDS’ CEO, and helped hundreds of people to succeed.

How to switch from ShopMaster to AutoDS?

(4 easy steps)

  • Register to AutoDS, and connect your eBay account
  • Export your listings from your current monitoring tool using our chrome extension (you will get a link after the registration)
  • Sync your current listings to AutoDS with 2 clicks, or using our customer support agents who are always there to help
  • Wait one hour until the import progress is completed – and start making money using AutoDS, for any question we are active in the support 7 days a week and we will answer any question.


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